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DSC 0336 sizedfeatherThe Affordable Care Act & You

One of the promising new elements of the Affordable Care Act (people often refer to it as ObamaCare) is the Health Insurance Marketplace. Unfortunately, the initial rollout in October did not go as planned. We're hopeful the problems will be fixed and this open market approach will allow consumers to shop and compare for health insurance. The result should be lower costs.

Of course here in Massachusetts, we've had a version of the national law since 2006. We've seen lawmakers reconcile provisions in our laws with the new Federal mandates.

The implementation schedule of the Affordable Care Act can seem uncertain and we share your apprehension. At Louis & Clark, we constantly monitor this complex situation. We are on the lookout for significant changes that can benefit (or negatively effect) our customers.

Many of our customers utilize MassHealth. We have assigned dedicated staff to specifically assist customers navigate the requirements and regulations of the State's medical benefits. While not required, Louis & Clark has always made the extra effort to help our customers with insurance company procedures. It just seemed like the right thing to do.  

How does the new law effect pharmacy benefits and home medical supply? 

Other than make you nervous, not much. Massachusetts has already gone through most of its growing pains with mandatory health insurance coverage. Your prescriptions and other benefits already have established procedures.

While we can't offer legal advice or clinical opinions, we can help you navigate our services. You can periodically check here for any significant changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act. But rest assured, we'll be here to help.

What does full service mean?

It means we respect the needs of our customers. It means we take the time to explain what you're taking and what the benefit will be. In your native language if necessary. We speak Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese. It means we're convenient and we'll deliver your prescriptions. We're abundantly qualified, and our staff is certified in many disciplines.

Really, full service means all Louis & Clark employees devote their full attention to helping the needs of physicians, family members and patients.

DSC 0399 sizedfeatherEducation is important

We devote a great deal of time to community outreach.  As a rule, we love to distribute free helpful information and services. 

A large part of our business is servicing facilities and institutions, assisted living facilities, group homes and community residences. We are always ready and willing to present specialized seminars for this community We find the community members are receptive and appreciative of our topics and we enjoy helping them.

Much of Louis & Clark's focus is on living independently. After all, we're an independent pharmacy. Often times we can provide some insight on how to cope with a medical issue and maybe make it a little easier to deal with. That's a great reward for our compassionate staff.